Chiang Mai’s Craft Sector

Chiang Mai craft sector build on centuries of making craft items for daily, religious and other uses. Chiang Mai’s ethnic and culture diversity, it status as an education, Buddhism and trade hub in the Northern Region, the rich materials that are available for craft makers, led to Chiang Mai becoming a internationally recognized hub for craft in Southeast Asia. Recently, this was further recognized when Chiang Mai attained the “City of Craft and Folk Arts status by UNESCO. In the craft sector page, we highlight the unique products available by key categories and provide more information on key materials in our video collection.



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Craft Communities

We encourage you to explore, visit the many craft communities

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Craft sectors

By sector, we feature dozens of craft makers and their products

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Welcome to salahmade

salahmade presents the rich history, diversity and quality of the Chiang Mai craft industry. salahmade covers the different crafts sectors of Chiang Mai and surrounds, the craft maker, tools, people and their stories. We believe that knowing the story of a product makes more meaningful to the buyers. Salah is a Northern Thai word meaning skilled artisan. At the heart of the salahmade website are curated collections of products. The website also features further information about almost 40 craft makers and their products, a directory, photo galleries, videos, a map, and a news section.

News & Events

CDA Awards 2020

The Creative Design Awards (CDA) aims to promote designers and good designs, show the value of design, and promote Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand (“Lanna region”). The theme for 2020 is “new local”. With the theme “new local”, the CDA 2020 encourages designers to be authentic while reinventing and reimagining their designs for contemporary use & living and share their stories with wider markets.

Chiang Mai Design Week 2020

Chiang Mai Design Week (CMDW) is an annual event where a wide variety of creative professionals, designers, craftsmen, artists, entrepreneurs from Chiang Mai, Thailand and beyond come together to showcase innovative designs.  The CMDW is over one week long and includes dozens of activities including markets, seminars, and workshops.  

NAP 2020

The Nimman Art & Design Parade (NAP) is a well-known and annual craft market and fair where creative products and hip ideas by ​Chiang Mai designers, artisans and creatives are exhibited. The event, always held in the beginning of December, includes entertainment on the stage, food, and activities and is located at the beginning of the popular Nimmanhaemin Road. In 2020, the NAP Fair took place on 5-10 December

From handmade-chiangmai to salahmade

We wanted to give our website a new look and feel; an updated brand identity, bit more modern, yet professional and focused on the beautiful products, designs and stories about crafts from Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand. “Salah” in Northern Thai language means skilled artisan. For many Northern artisans, making craft is a form of living. We tell stories about the diverse crafts made by Northern artisans…

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NSP INNO STORE is located with the Northern Science Park (NSP) and showcases, amongst other products, craft, food, cosmetic and lifestyle projects by companies, designers and artisans in Northern Thailand that worked with the NSP or joined projects managed by the NSP to further develop designs, create innovate products, or improve on packaging to make them more attractive to new markets and consumers.  More products, design and prototypes are exhibited in the adjacent NSP exhibition hall.