From handmade-chiangmai to salahmade

There was a significantly technical problem with the old website and some date was lost. But we used the opportunity to give our website a new look and feel and an updated brand identity: a bit more modern, yet professional and focused on the beautiful products, designs and stories about crafts from Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand. “salah” means Northern Artisan, “we tell stories about crafts made by Northern artisans…” Salahmade categories crafts products into more functionally oriented categories.

History of handmade-chiangmai

handmade-chiangmai was a joint collaboration between the British Council (Thailand), Creative Chiang Mai and other partners such as the College of Art Media and Technology (CAMT) of Chiang Mai University. The craft products were categorized by materials into wood, ceramics, textiles (and leather), paper, soaps & oils, and metals (including jewelry). View more of past events and activities on flickr and our Facebook page.

Past Events