About salahmade

Sa’lahmade is pronounced salahmade with a deep shortish “sa“ and a long low “lah”. Sa’lahmade is a website about crafts from Chiang Mai and surrounds. This is not an e-commerce platform. If you have any inquiries, please use the inquiry form and be as specific as possible. We will forward your request to the craft maker or company. If you want to buy or order products, please contact the craft maker or company directly. We would like to help more but only have limited resources. Sa’lahmade welcomes new members and government and private sector sponsors.

How is salahmade different ?

Sa’lahmade started as a project to use digital technology to showcase the crafts of Chiang Mai and surrounds. We focussed on professional photography, videos, and storytelling. What was captured and told was different to other websites and projects. Sa’lahmade does not only focus on the end products but captures the environment, people, making processes and techniques, materials, design inspiration and other insight to change from product to an object with a story. We felt that many buyers, be they end customers or interior designers, would like to know about these aspects. It meant that the whole approach to photography, website content, and videos had to change. Sa’lahmade is also a community. We have grown to over 40 members in seven years, growth is purposely measured. Currently there is no membership fee, but we require members to improve their own digital strategy and make more use of new technologies. We also coordinate, organize and partner with other organizations and projects to facilitate the development of design and craft products in Chiang Mai.

Partners and project background

Sa’lahmade is a cooperation betweeen Creative Chiang Mai (CCM), the British Council (Thailand), the Chiang Mai University Science & Technology Park (STeP), the Northern Handicrafts Manufacturers And Exporters Association  (NOHMEX), members of the handmade-chiangmai project, and other parties. The project was also supported by Artisan Digital (website development and design). Funding was provided by Chiang Mai University (via STeP and CCM)) and the British Council (Thailand).