Bua bhat

The trees and flowers surrounding my house fills me with happiness, inspiring this new collection that studies nature changing through time. Leaves fall naturally into patterns, by chance creating a wondrous mix of grasses and white petals, patterns of golden yellow and orange-brown leaves above concrete. Using the wisdom of our ancestors to put such impressions on cloth is to express its beauty on another dimension.

“Happiness is to wake up every morning to work and think of new things. Being observant of the small things around us gives me inspiration and motivates me to think and eagerly awaiting the results of experimentation.”

Bua bhat’s Owner

The Process

It is almost accidental that I thought about “Ook”, as botanical transfer printing is known in the Lanna dialect. This is an ancient technique used by our ancestors that requires us to learn how different natural materials yield different colors, and how transferring natural forms onto cloth through heat processes like boiling or steaming will alter the colors of the materials we transfer.


Bua Bhat

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