Our determination to create works of art using local raw materials were key in setting up Inclay Studio. Inspired by the repetition of patterns in printmaking, we experimented with different ways to develop patterns using beautifully layered clays in this new work. With different multi-colored clays, we challenged our imaginations to create visually arresting patterns in a single piece of work.

“Living and working with clay creates tangible happiness. The variations in clay temperature enter our hearts through our hands. Our hands give more satisfaction than machines can ever do, whether through feeling, the sense of detail or the emotion we put into the work. It is this that we want to share with others, the unique difference that comes with pieces created by one’s own hands.”

The Process

We truly believe that in creating pottery, the nature of the clay we use gives rise to the forms that take shape and the patterns that emerge. This collection combines the brown clay of Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai and the white clay of Lampang to create alternating patterns of light and dark that are sculpted into shape and fired at the right temperature.


InClay Studio
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