This fantasy artist combines her imagination, the natural environment around her, her own storytelling style and her loveable pet to entwine us with a story in which dream-like character interact in various environments.Through artistic processes like wood carving, sketching and sculpting on cloth that is made into things like bags and lamps, she helps people to feel the joy of her creations and bring them closer to everyday life.

“Absorbed in our work, we not only feel at peace but are taken into a dream world that we try to invoke in each piece we create in the hope that others can share in that same sense of wonder.”

The Process

From long experience and clear direction in her work, KasPloy begins with woodblock printing, carving a master plate to gradually create an approximation of her imagination before using the block to print on cloth before it is cut into pieces and sewn into shape. She also sculpts characters with modelling clay to make molds for resin replicas to be used on her lamps.


105/4 M. 13 Pong Noi Rd., San Lom Joy, Suthep, Mueang, Chiang Mai, 50200 Thailand 
Tel: (+66) 84 806 6478

Email: [email protected]