Mengrai Kilns

For more than 45 years since its foundation, Mengrai Kilns has created Sangkhalok or Celadon wares, an inspiring heritage bequeathed by the wisdom of our ancestors. Apart from the skills and processes inherited from the past, we have been inspired by experimenting with natural colors, particularly with turquoise, from which we have created a new collection we truly believe will generate public interest and differentiate the products of Mengrai Kilns.

“Doing something we enjoy while being free from the pressure of competition is a happiness that doesn’t depend on its being a financial success.”

Duangkamol Srisukri
Mengrai Kilns’s Production Manager

The Process

The matte sky-blue color derived from natural rock is very difficult to reproduce since it risks a high degree of failure. The slightest difference in firing temperature results in colors being off what we want. But learning this has been part of the fun and challenge of trying something we have never done before.


Mengrai Kilns
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