Siam Celadon

The heritage of the green glaze of celadon wares comes from the ancient wares of Sangkhalok. Starting small, we continuously developed our techniques and styles, turning our knowledge into a broad field of expertise. We create all of our pieces using the same ancient techniques of glazing and firing, but we have adapting the character and styles of our products to accord with the changing needs of contemporary society.

“By fully applying the wisdom and knowledge of our ancestors, we prevent it from becoming obsolete and preserve a valuable heritage that will continue to be passed on through the ages from generation to generation.”

Siam Celadon

The Process

The key compounds in our glaze are wood ash and black powder, which are then fired at 1,250 degree Celsius before more steps are taken in an intricate process to yield pieces with the delicate jade green color and crazing in a tradition passed down the generations. We are merely preserving this heritage and remain dedicated to passing it on to future generations.



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