The distinctive identity of our work was inspired by Japanese techniques of textile dyeing that helped us understand how the process of natural dyeing is like a never-ending lifelong experiment. With this current work with natural dyes, we attempt to put ourselves into our work through our time and imaginations, and so we let it speak for us. For no matter what results, we know it is natural.

“We build our dreams with our hands. This is what gives us the strength to get up each day, the energy that allows us to use our hands to create beautiful things and inspire others with what we have created.”

Kanchalee Ngamdamronk
Slowstitch’s Owner

The Process

Sewing and dyeing are time consuming and complex. Natural dying has restrictions according to the material used. Each color requires different processes, with some needing as many as 8 – 10 rounds of dyeing to complete. Natural dyes that require boiling cloth with natural coloring agents may require further processes of boiling, steaming or drawing, but whatever we do, we can never expect the results to be the same for each piece.


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