Sop Moei Arts

For many years international designers have passed through and helped Sop Moei Arts evolve local designs that use the finest handwoven materials from eight Karen villages. In our latest collection, our designers have used the contrast of black and white to create a stunning play of intersecting patterns that gives our textiles an outstanding and distinctive identity.

“The decision we made in the common social interest a long time ago proved worthy, for it has created a bridge for a small group of people to bring their ways into the modern world and flourish.”

Sop Moei Arts’s Founder

The Process

From the familiar weaving processes passed down through the generations, our Pwo Karen weavers experimented and adjusted their traditional skills so that they could weave anew from their imaginations. Using their free-thinking nature, our weavers have learned to adapt traditional styles to create new pieces for contemporary needs.



Sop Moei Arts

150/10 Chareon Rajd Rd., Wat Ket, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand
Tel: (+66) 52 001 279, (+66) 53 306 123
E-mail: [email protected]