Suranat Leather Studio

From the familiar, natural brown-leather goods designed and hand-sewn in the best handmade tradition, we are moving to a full new collection.
My inspiration came from a black and white photograph and its pleasing play of light and shadow that had evident grace when I looked at it.

“Dreams can come true, but we must think and plan every step of the way. No matter how big or small the dream, planning and determination at each stage of the process will slowly bring those dreams into reality.”

Suranat Buranapong
Suranat’s Founder

The Process

Changing one’s thinking when beginning to work with fresh colors is difficult. Thinking differently from traditional norms is to tread unfamiliar territory, but I would like to tell others that when we changed we created our own fashion. We did not choose whether something would be blue, green, yellow or red, but instead started out from black and white and then gently shifted into color modes.



Suranat Leather Studio
150 M. 10 Wat Umong Alley, Suthep, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50200

Tel: (+66) 86 654 4927