Tor Boon

With our true intent to continue the weaving traditions of our ancestors, we believe that every collection we create reflects the character of our customers. We pass on our cultural values by blending them into fashionable handicrafts that combine technique, ancient wisdom and modern colors to bring greater value and use in contemporary society.

“We are happy in what we do and work happily together. I always remind our team that we are doing something difficult, something challenging, so we should be proud of ourselves.”

Boontavee Charoenpoonsiri
Torboon’s Owner

The Process

We are fortunate to have created our products with our own weavers. From villagers weaving traditional 2-heddle, 4-heddle or Bullet-wood (Mimusops elengi) flower patterns, we decided to carefully develop each stage of the weaving process until we had created something different. Our weaver’s skills, shuttle insertion, weave pressure and yarn alignment clearly demonstrate their skills. But there are conditions beyond our control, such as the weather, temperature and even the weavers’ moods. All these factors influence our weaves and make their quality so distinctive.


Tor Boon
Charoenrajd Rd., Chang Moi, Mueang, Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand

Tel: (+66) 53 339 348, (+66) 94 630 5888