Nature to Treasure

From their pioneering beginnings in 1978, Siam Royal Orchid Co., Ltd. has created an extraordinary collection of jewellery inspired by the natural world. The fusion of science, nature, precious metals and design developed over the years by the company’s Research and Development Team has enabled real flowers, rose stems, leaves, shells and seeds to be preserved and turned into distinctive treasures by artisans’ hands.


Initially created as a lightweight and high value souvenir gift for visitors to Thailand, the symbolic orchid, which represents the natural beauty of the country, was dipped in 24k gold in a ground-breaking process developed by the company.

Since their signature orchids, the special process has been refined over the years and the collection has blossomed to include pieces preserved in clear lacquer and finished in gold and silver trims. So cutting-edge is the process that minute details of nature’s beauty – a flower’s veins or natural blemishes such as an insect bite or sun spot – are celebrated and preserved into features, thereby creating truly individual pieces.

Continually at the forefront of innovation, the company is nationally and internationally recognized for their striking creations and they are often appointed to design and produce bespoke pieces for special occasions and clients.

Most recently the company has developed the brand ROC, keeping in line with their values of Resourcefulness, Originality and Creativity, and putting a contemporary silver twist on their signature orchid in 24K gold. This latest collection champions fine-silver jewellery created from flora dipped in  99%  silver.

The company has always prided itself on its social and environmental responsibilities by working closely with local flower growers and employing a local workforce, predominantly women. Siam Royal Orchid has always been passionate about supporting women and providing them with good jobs to ensure that they are financially independent and able to support themselves and their families.

Siam Royal Orchid Co.,Ltd operates from their headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Their designs are exported around the world and their flagship stores are located in Chiang Mai.




Siam Royal Orchid Co., Ltd.

94-120 Charoen Muang Road, Tambon Wat Ket, Muang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50000

Tel: (+66) 53 245 598
Fax: (+66) 53 246 711
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