Cotton Farm

Inheriting a love for handicrafts when we were young, we tried doing other things until we discovered that what really made us happy was something we had inherited from our grandparents, the ability to weave.  Each weaver and each piece clearly show the spirit of the weaver. Our passion to conserve this cultural heritage give us the confidence to keep on the path of conservation and development and sustains our happiness.

“We feel sad every time we hear that younger people no longer care about handicrafts, for the skills and products will vanish as society and the economy change. Conservation work is like planting seedlings; it is something we must start today.”

Cotton farm

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Cotton Farm

The only way to truly understand the essence of weaving is to experience it directly by doing it. Only then can you see how it is possible to develop fibers and cloth into modern products. But it is also important to learn from the knowledge, attitudes and cooperation of artisans familiar with the traditional ways.


Cotton Farm
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