sa'lahmade story

      Sa’lahmade is pronounced with a deep, shortish “sa“ and a long low “lah”(salah means skilled artisan in the Northern Thai dialect). Sa’lahmade is a website ( about crafts and artisans from Northern Thailand. We do also know some strategic shops and product makers that might be able to assist your designing and sourcing products from Northern Thailand. 

      Sa’lahmade started as “handmade-chiangmai” but was renamed to give it a more culturally rooted feel . Salahmade is unique in its comprehensive coverage of crafts with a contemporary approach. The images, storytelling, videos and curation connect local crafts people and their heritage with the needs and interests of buyers and customers in modern times. 

About sa'lahmade

      We have developed the original website and expanding to 4 provinces in the upper northern region, which are Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Lamphun and Lampang, in order to promote and develop designers in the field of digital marketing through proactive workshop activities

      Our website is the main chanel for expanding crafts, designers and artisans. We tells the story of the craftsmanship, product inspiration and production methods that include knowledge of handicrafts To convey the long history, diversity and quality of the Lanna handicraft industry, whether textiles, ceramics,woodworking and other products through the selection of members to our salahmade community.

      If you have any inquiries or want to purchase a product, please contact the artisans or shops directly, but if you have a general inquiry, please contact us. 

Partnerships and Background of sa'lahmade

      Sa’lahmade is a project and platform by Creative Lanna, a strategic initiative by Chiang Mai University. The project, community and web platform has been been developed in cooperation with Creative Chiang Mai (CCM), the British Council (Thailand), the Chiang Mai University Science & Technology Park (STeP), the Thailand Creative Design Center Chiang Mai, the Northern Handicrafts Manufacturers and Exporters Association (NOHMEX) and members of the Salahmade community.

       The development of the website and its content was supported by… Premrudee Kurasu, Nat Na Nakorn, Mr Oliver Hargreave, Kamnam Kamtalay 1997 Company Limited, Dudee Indeed Corperation Limited, and many others. We cannot name them all, but we like to thank them all.