Artisan Category: Handmade Jewelry and Ornaments

Crafted from passion times obsession in fashion design, Vadi Design Handbags are made for statement-making ladies. "Iconic design-crisp silhouette & lush leather crystallized into Vadi Design's essence" according to Ms.
Saprang is a brand of brass jewelry created and produced by designer couple “Kawao” Supot Suwannasing, and “Rika” Sirikarn Jirajbhaskornkul, who view their work as more than jewelry, imbuing it
Filigree is a sophisticated jewelry-making technique dating back more than 5,000 years. Known as Ngan Yad Lai in Thai, the complicated technique to make a finished piece requires as many
De Lann is a jewelry brand offering individually handcrafted pieces with distinctive, contemporary Lanna designs. It is the only brand made for the Thai domestic market by F&R Jewellery, which
Siam Royal Orchid is one of the longest-running handicraft companies in Chiang Mai. Founded 40 years ago by Rueng Nimanhaemin, who is now its president, its mission was to create