De Lann

    De Lann is a jewelry brand offering individually handcrafted pieces with distinctive, contemporary Lanna designs. It is the only brand made for the Thai domestic market by F&R Jewellery, which is a well-known brand in Europe. F&R Thailand set up a factory in Lamphun Industrial Estate in 1991.

    F&R collaborated with the Department of Industry Promotion’s 2007 program to promote Thai branding to create the De Lann brand.  The name is a fusion of the French word “de” meaning “of” or “from” and “Lanna”; thus the name accords with the brand’s east meets west concept. Using metal coated with gold, rhodium and platinum to create necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and other pieces fashioned into contemporary modern designs, De Lann has become a number one brand for many people.

    Making jewelry requires elaborate production methods, so De Lann values their artisans above all, recognizing the importance of building awareness and inspiring the next generation of craftspeople. Anusit “Pond” Manityakul, one of the executives at the company, is often invited to give lectures to pass on knowledge and experience and provide opportunities for independent designers to collaborate.

    “We are more than willing to sit and discuss projects with designers, but they need to be able to work with the De Lann style and ethos. In some collections, for example, we build the art, culture and beliefs of ethnic minorities into our contemporary designs,” said Pond.

    De Lann has participated in Chiangmai Design Week almost every year, such as in 2019 with their X Surreal Stitch collection, and in 2020 with their De Lann X Pathipat collection.

    F&R is proud to present the potential of De Lann’s local craft artisans to designers and foreign brands, but it is a brand primarily for those who love Thai crafts and jewelry. Their products can be seen at the De Lann showrooms in the Raming Tea House Siam Celadon or Woo gallery in Wat Ket in Chiang Mai City.


De Lann

Address : Raming Tea House Siam Celadon

Website :

Facebook : De Lann Jewellery

IG : deLann_jewellery

TEL : 085 254 4656

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