A local Chiang Mai brand, JUN designs products for male customers whose urban lifestyles require a cool, casual look using clothes of simple yet unique design. JUN offers convenient practical clothing suitable for everyday situations. Designing good products is just part of Thayaporn Jittrapirom’s (Jun) story, for the studio she founded uses local tailors and materials to support employment in the local community and increase income distribution. 

      In the Men’s Wears category, her clothes incorporate design details from various Asian countries to adorn a simple style that maintains the feel and charm of the Asian touch. Using select quality fabrics woven from natural fibers woven in The Chiang Mai area, JUN’s clothes look simple yet unique.

      JUN’s Bag & Accessories are similarly designed for convenient functional use, being made of durable canvas and good quality materials specially created by Chiang Mai’s finest craftsmen. This ensures that every product is custom-made to the highest quality. 

      Individually sewn with the greatest care by JUN’s craft workers, each piece clearly shows the difference between handmade and factory-made products. Variety in the woven textiles chosen ensures that JUN’s products are never the same, creating hand-crafted value in every piece produced. 

The Sense of Asia in Working Wear

     “Have you ever wondered why men should endure sweating when they must wear jackets, shirts and neckties?” Jun asked. “Is Western style work clothing suitable in Thailand’s cultural context? Is it possible to be polite, universally acceptable and flexible wearing Asian style clothes for work?

      Jun began thinking about what men should wear to work that would suit the climate and cultural context, about what would bring out the unique charm of Asian men while fulfilling the functional requirements of young people who will wear her brand’s clothes for work. Jun studied the work clothing of Asian men in the past, choosing designs she felt were unique and then adapting and simplifying them to suit modern contexts.

      This was the starting point of JUN’s Asian Workwear Collection, which has features like convenient pockets for keeping modern gadgets, and which is well ventilated and uses 100 percent naturally dyed, locally sourced handwoven cottons that ameliorate the heat problem and promote environmentally friendly clothing.



Address : 88/1 Kaew Nawarat Rd, Wat Ket, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50000

Tel : (+66) 946434114

Email : [email protected]

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Facebook : ordinaryjun

Instagram: ordinaryjun

LINE OA : @jun.official

Contact Person: Ms. Thanyapon Jittrapirom (JUN)

Position : Founder Designer