Chiang Mai Design Awards

Since 2012, Creative Chiang Mai and a group of voluntary judges and advisors have been organizing the Chiang Mai Design Awards (CDA). Each year the CDA culminates in an award ceremony that is now always held during the Chiang Mai Design Week. Among the main categories of the CDA are craft products and jewelry items or accessories. We have selected a small number (from the years 2012 – 2017) to create the CDA collection for salahmade. Most of these products (or very similar) are still available for purchase.

All Products

InClay Studio

Bowls and Sareekha Teapot

Siam Royal Orchid

Spices & Fruits Collection

Tor Boon

Stripy Bag

Hom Fragrances

Soy Candles

Carpenter Studio

Tri Scale

Brown Bike

Bamboo Bike

Metal Studio

Earth Spirit Collection

Prem Contemporary Jewelry

Gingko Collection

Tua Pen Not

Lamp Collection

Chuan Lhong

Emotional Door Knobs


Indigo Collection

Siam Arak

The Ring of Earth