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The art of making celadon originated in China more than 2000 years ago and was introduced to this region during the Sukhothai period, only later coming to the Kingdom of
Chuanlhong Ceramic is a ceramic factory in Lamphun where local craftsmen mold and paint every piece by hand. Managed by Kittikorn Kanjanakuha, the factory was founded by his father, Uthai
Being fascinated with dyeing using the Shibori technique while having fun creating new patterns on fabric, Ann-Kanchalee Ngamdamronk and Serg-Sergey Tishkin, her Russian partner, set up Slowstitch Studio, a textile


Imagine yourself taking a journey to Northern Thailand, starting in Chiang Mai. You are interested in design, craft and local culture. Where would you go, where do you start? Or maybe you are a buyer or an interior designer from afar who is looking for new sources for materials, accessories, decorative items or other craft products. How can you find out more about the beautiful craft objects from Northern Thailand, a region also called “Lanna”? Lanna refers to an ancient kingdom that is famed for its craft products; sa’lahmade (salahmade) aims to provide a simple gateway into this realm for visitors and potential buyers of craft products.


Creative Design Awards 2022

The Creative Design Awards (CDA) have been organized for 10 years now and the awards is an annual highlight for the Northern design scene. The CDA 2022 accepts application in over 7-8 categories from 1 August 2022 onwards.

Lanna Essence Season 2

Launch of Lanna Essence Season 2. The Lanna Essence Workshop Season 2 focuses on supporting local entrepreneurs developing new products and business models based on Lanna Essence

Chiang Mai Design Week 2022

Bor Sang Umbrella is a legend that has been passed down to us from our grandparents. Continuing the heritage of our ancestors has been a challenge because it has not just been about taking something old and applying it to a contemporary setting, but using innovation to make our work more contemporary and fashionable and yet incorporate our traditional character in a modern way.

NAP 2022

The popular Nimman Soi 1 & Nimmanhaemin Art & Design Promenade (NAP) is back. Nimmanhaemin Road, Soi 1 in Chiang Mai is a tiny, lively and exceptional street, which is full of art, design, and home decoration boutiques.

Meta Boost

Meta Boost

Kenan and Meta have partnered to provide regular online course to Thai SMEs or entrepreneurs interested in better using Facebook and Instagram


The art of making celadon originated in China more than 2000 years ago and was introduced to this region during the Sukhothai period, only later coming to the Kingdom of
Morakot “Kheaw” and Piyarat “Yui” Yosthamrong, the founders of Ars-d-sine, are alumni of Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. During Morakot’s final years in university, he started to think
Kittima “Kai” Ekmahachai graduated from Chiang Mai University with a degree in economics and worked in marketing for a while, but it was a favorite bookstore called “World Trade Center”
The villagers of Pa Bong, which in Northern Thai means bamboo forest, have been making practical household items out of bamboo for generations, turning ancient skills into a handicraft industry.
After majoring in ceramics and graduating from the Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University, Natthapol "Mick" Wannaporn found himself unable to earn a steady income, so he decided to continue
Veerada “Nan” Siripong grew up in a family that owns a small factory in San Kamphaeng that produces frames, doors and windows, so woodworking has been part of Veerada’s life
Yaujarej Somana has been attracted to handicrafts all her life, especially those that are linked to arts, culture and local traditions. Growing up in a city with a rich handicraft
The Dhanabadee Group is a well-established ceramics business known for its revival of the chicken pattern on noodle and soup bowls, a classic design long associated with ceramics in the
Jirawong Wongtrangan is an artisan potter who started to sell his ceramic art pieces after graduating from university. He transformed his house in Chiang Mai into In Clay Studio, the
Ajarn Vas displays an astonishing variety of bamboo crafts at her workshop. They include garlands of flowers and innumerable kinds of ornaments, such as birds, turtles, carps, prawns and frogs,
Boontavee “Boon” Charoenpoonsiri so loved handbags and the quality of Italian designs that it became clear to her that she had leave her family’s product design agency in Bangkok to

About sa'lahmade

Sa’lahmade is pronounced with a deep, shortish “sa“ and a long low “lah”. Sa’lahmade is a website ( about crafts and artisans from Northern Thailand. It is not an e-commerce platform. If you have any inquiries or want to purchase a product, please contact the artisans or shops directly, but if you have a general inquiry, please contact us. We do also know some strategic shops and product makers that might be able to assist your designing and sourcing products from Northern Thailand.

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The northern region has a vibrant art and cultural scene as it was once a great kingdom of the past where ethnic tribe communities are diverse. They settled in this prosperous land and carried customs, traditions, cultures, and wisdom with them. Through this, the north is abundant with artisans, or “Sa-lah” in the northern dialect. Their artistic skills in handicrafts or “crafts” have been widely known since the old day.


“Salah” are artisans who have a specific craft skill. Their works reflect a diversity from culture, wisdom, tradition, beliefs, resources to ways of life of the northern people. They have passed on knowledge of craftsmanship and have designed various types of crafts with distinctiveness and practicality. Besides, each craft has its own indigenous context.


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Creative space located on Wua Lai Road, Chiangmai, the famous location of the local handicraft community that connects both old and new craftsmen and designers, also working with the community to promote, develop and tell stories of hidden local artisans to become more known. is a website collecting handicrafts from artisans in northern Thailand. To make it easier for people who like them to access and buy. We carefully select the pieces that are indeed the work of local craftsmen or artists. Proudly tell the stories of these creators to others.


Ordinary selected shop collects the products from Northern Thai designers passionate about crafts, using locally sourced materials. The shop also held some workshops, which later became a small community of craft lovers.