Originating from the family silver business 30 years ago, JaiFah developed techniques and methods from silversmithing, woodworking and other local crafts to take local materials and use their essential characteristics and our locally-developed techniques to transform them into household decorative items that make ideal gifts for modern times.

“Aside from the joy we get seeing our craftsmen progress step by step, we think that handicraft manufacture is about more than just making practical or decorative things and souvenirs, for we sincerely believe that it is an essential part of our identity as a people.”


About my product


As older generations of artisans pass away, the new generations have became less interested in handicrafts as lifestyles changed and consumerism favored the rough and ready. The intricate skills shown in the creation of beautiful products began to disappear, but in this unfortunate situation a ray of hope came for unexplained reasons when intricacy seemed to transform into simplicity. This has helped overcome the difficulties associated with traditional handicrafts since more young people are becoming increasingly interested in their production.


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