Craft Shops

We provide an overview of some of Chiang Mai’s craft shop that stood in for having a wide and diverse selection from various designer and craft makers.

daily craft

This shop is operated by the craft maker association known as “NOHMEX”. Supported by the TCDC, the shop has a curated selection of local craft products such as furniture, textile, decorative items, and accessories. The quality product selection is hard to find in one place.


The owner of this charming place has created a space that is craft shop, gallery, and workshop with art and craft classes for visitors – all on two floors in the Southern part of the old town.

The Localist

The Localist is a combination of the three Chiang Mai local brands, focusing on locally made craftsmanship products used in everyday life. Upstairs are rooms for rent.

Seescape Gallery Shop

This shop is part of the Seescape Gallery compound that is home to a small but well-known gallery, a popular café, and a shop with eclectic mix of craft and art products.