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Blue topaz gemstone ring, silver gemstone ring, November birthstone ring, Silver statement ring, Silver jewellery, Swiss blue topaz ring
• Beautiful Swiss blue topaz ring
• Sterling silver band
• Sterling silver bezel and prong setting
• Hand crafted ring with hand selected gemstone
• Topaz is the birthstone of November
• This ring makes a great gift for people with birthdays in November
Gemstone measures:( blue topaz) 8.5 mm W x 10 mm H
Free resizing
• Free resizing on all rings in my shop
• If you don’t know the size or are giving this ring as a wedding or engagement ring please contact you. I can help you find the size you will need.

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Most jewelry in my shop is sterling silver which can easily be cleaned and re polished with any jewelry cleaning cloth.
Silver is a soft metal and can become damaged if stored in direct contact with other pieces of jewelry. To prevent this please store jewelry in individual bags or away from other jewelry, coins etc. Please don’t wear jewelry with heavily perfumed soaps or when working with chemical cleaning agents as these can tarnish jewellery. If the jewellery does become tarnished soaking in lime juice and brushing with a tooth brush will return the jewelry to its original shine.
If jewelry does become damaged I am happy to repair it free of charge. Charges may apply if gemstones are damaged or lost and shipping charges will be the responsibility of the customer.

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