Umbrella Making Centre

Bor Sang Umbrella is a legend that has been passed down to us from our grandparents. Continuing the heritage of our ancestors has been a challenge because it has not just been about taking something old and applying it to a contemporary setting, but it has also been about using innovation to make our work more contemporary and fashionable and yet incorporate our traditional character in a modern way.

“When we make things by hand, we put our spirit into what we are making. It is a matter of creativity, concentration and imagination. It is a creative work the value of which is intrinsic to every product made.”

Umbrella making centre

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Umbrella Making Centre

Our prime mission is to create heirs to our craft. We have to train the young who show interest to be patient because we believe that the attitude of craftsmen toward their work is key toward its future development; it is not only the experience they have in doing things as they have always done in the past. Children who are born here will not have to go elsewhere to make a living, but these days young people like easy work, like sitting at desks. They think that handicraft work has no future and is outmoded. We believe that if we can change these attitudes, then other things will fall into place naturally.


Umbrella Making Centre
111/2 M.3 Ton Pao, San Kamphaeng, Chiang Mai 50130, Thailand
Tel: (+66) 53 338 195, (+66) 53 338 324

Email: [email protected], [email protected]


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