When a mango tree became too old to yield fruit, in former times it was cut down to be used as firewood and to make space for replanting. After 17 years of seeing how we could use that wood to create additional value, we now transform it into decorative items for the house and handicrafts for everyday use. Each collection we create is environmentally friendly and has FDA certification.

“Almost 60 percent of our costs are the labor costs of the craftsmen who come from village communities. For 17 years we have created work for these communities, giving our craftsmen security and the certainty that their skills will continue to be in demand.”


About my product


Our inspiration comes from direct contact with our customers, helping us match our designs to our target groups. Each time we visit different countries and cities we see how the same product can be put to different uses according to the lifestyles of people in each place. As a result, we have focused on a simplicity that shows the texture and natural beauty of the wood.  


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